Download Yandex Music Plus APK 2020.08.1 Latest Version

Yandex Music Plus APK is a self-experienced modified android application. Now apps apk box unlocked all the best premium features for android users such as No Ads, Offline Mode, High-Quality Audio, and more. Think about an app which can do more than the ordinary existing music downloading app and player. Just imagine about a software having capabilities of  doing recognize any music in the background playing, downloading any song and a full songs album, offers radio, and enables you to listen to your favourite music with noise free sound in High quality.

For me, my favourite songs are just like songs of heaven, the original and the real music sound packages that provides user’s full access of what’s they wants to listen. This app is best tool for listening songs is a running example of such an app.

Yandex Music Plus APK is basically a music app which is developed by a Russian publisher for users love to listen their folk music. Yandex Music Plus app having an interface designed to enhance usability and help the peoples to navigate and understand the variety of different music using Russian visuals and posters. Be developed to enhance the English language and gives international content for learning as well as. Now we unlocked all the best quality premium functions and features in which an offline mode for working without internet with which you can download premium and free music and play them at any time you want even there is internet is accessible or not. In this mod app you can listen music in the High-quality. Read down the whole article about Yandex Music Plus and get the app.

App Info

Name Yandex Music Plus
Version 2020.08.14
Download 10,000,00 +plus downloads
Last Update 14 August, 2020
Size 12 MB’s

Download Yandex Music Plus APK Modified Version for you

Ordinary present freely available version of Yandex music app contains ads and few special premium features that users required to pay for the latest features in order to be unlocked. Instead of paying, anyone can get access to the Yandex Music Plus APK, this is a modified version of Yandex Music Plus APK which gives an access to all the premium features until you are using VPN. Yandex Music Plus APK mod app is available in English and Russian languages and you can get access to the official and latest mod app from below.

Download Now

Due to the restrictions this app may be not yet available in your country? Did you want to get access it? Check our detailed guide from here.

Features of Yandex Music Plus APK:

Song Recognition:

Yandex Music Plus APK

Some time we are listening songs in someone phone and love with the song, Someone wants to vibes with your soul, our heart like that song and forces us to open in the Shazam app just to recognize it, We wants to listen the full version of song for that we YouTube it, and then we will download it for permanent listening. As from the above process of listening and then finding the original song it’s difficult for someone to hold more than two apps and continuously to switch between them it’s very hard process.

By the use of Yandex Music plus APK you will need to only click on the smart download icon and now the required music is playing. Most loving and heart touching song will be recognized and saved in a special list for you to listen to them at later on at any time and there is another best option to download the full song.

Podcasts and Radio stations:

Yandex Music Plus APK

Some time there is the best radio host is available on the specific radio channel. We all time wants to listen him with great yeast. Pleasant voices and music makes our moods and keeps us happy, whenever we just need a pause to listen to one’s discussion of various life topics with others instead of the music continues. Yandex Music Plus is developed with such skills because it offers us hundreds of radio stations also podcasts enables you to get into a deep discussion with the vocal sound at the other end which is expectorating logic and sense. With listening the best stations helps you to learn new and enjoyable music is played from different countries that you wants to listen them at all. Now choose a mood, genre, era or activity and keeps enjoy for listening to the best gentle sounds of your newly created radio.

Customized Playlist:

Yandex Music Plus APK

Our download recognize that what we wants to listen luckily Yandex Music Plus APK offers only those songs that are according to our likeness and wants to listen them again and again. This is the artificial intelligence that it’s provides us those songs we played again and again many time. As the music is best for our soul now time to listen the song just sit on the seat and click on the play button and get listen all the selected songs. Yandex Music Plus playlist is repeatedly updated and improved according to your flavors and preferences.

Smart Selection

Yandex Music Plus APK

New day starts with its own attitudes that require a specifically organized to make the mode happy and enjoyable. The beauty of Yandex Music Plus is to recognize man mod thus, comes up with an updated playlists of perfectly lists of music selections sorted with the type of moods, activity, celebrations, holidays and even in the different days of the week. Now its golden opportunity that you can play songs according to your mood. When you are feeling happy then you can choose the happy mod and get access to all the songs that you wants to listen in the happy mood. With you active mood wants to listen the best songs then run this mood and enjoy your favourite songs in active mood, playlists are rapidly updated with the latest and blockbuster songs online making each one of your happenings and emotions quartered with the right item songs.

HQ Songs

Yandex Music Plus APK

Some songs are to much special and we wants to listen slow and long songs, with the slow quality of song you can listen it as long as you are not get bored from it.A man mood is determind from the songs that he was listening and its quality effects on the life of the peoples. Yandex Music Plus offers an HQ option mode for the peoples who wants to listen them and quality sound with a much higher bit stream.

List Updates Regularly

Yandex Music Plus APK

With the passage of time new songs are produce and every person wants to listen them and download them. The beauty of Yandex Music Plus is that its update its music playlist on daily bases that never making bore anyone and provides a best mood. I always like that app update on the raguler bases if you like it then you are liked me. There is the best ever option for you to download the Yandex Music Plus APK.

Never advice you to miss a second and search the latest content or files from your most idolized artist on the app. Daily updates guarantee users to search new genres and exiting singles that everybody else is so addicted onto online. On the background there is a chart that is auto-updated a playlist of songs that are now most popular playing.

Best Music Library

With Yandex Music Plus APK to avail all the hit songs. For all the max time, from international to local standards. Enjoy the original tastes of multiple genres and bangs from all over the world. From all over the world 100 million tracks from jazz, R&B, electronic, classical, Hip Hop, Dance, Trap, Pop, and so much more. Get connected to browse over a variety of music lists from the 80s, and 90s. Classics or look for the most suitable tracks and mixes. With the songs you wants in the road trip, workout and just chilling vibe. With too many best and energetic songs to exhaust. Allowing you to get the decisive music experience with the Yandex Music Plus APK.

No Ads

Yandex Music Plus APK

Ads are created or generated to disturbed the user and there intension. Ads are sometime disturbing us so much. To getting red out off Ads you needs to pay for premium version. In the premium version there is no adds are shows. The Yandex Music Plus mod APK offers ads free environment with that you feel safe and easy to use. This is another best feature.

 Steps to download Yandex Music Plus APK

  1. Click on the above link to download the latest version of Yandex Music Plus APK.
  2. Now set the location where to save it
  3. Find the saved app and install it
  4. Best option that is to find the app by searching its name
  5. Sometime apps are not installed due to not available in the play store. In that time allow the app to install from external sources by just click on the button
  6. Lets install app
  7. Click on the install app
  8. wait for a minute
  9. now install is completed
  10. now open it and start listening latest songs

In a very few countries in which this Music app is supported. After some times to release to the other countries. Which are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

How to unlock for the other countries

Just follow these steps:

  1. Firstly Download VPN app from the play store. You can get our best Premium VPNs like AdGuard VPN and ExpressVPN.
  2. Select the VPN server from the above countries. You could select any country from the supported list.
  3. Select the app and signup or sign in. We advise you to for email to non-supported countries.
  4. Select and Play the music that you love. Even, our mod supports offline mode another best feature. Yandex Music Plus APK is doing 100% working. Music application with the premium unlocked features that are definitely give you an wonderful sound experience. Get the latest music, play different sounds, forward and rewind the tracks and share them with your friends. You love to explore a tropical sound paradise.

Live Net TV APK Free App Download Version V4.8

Live net tv apk is going to give more benefits to the people for the watch videos. Absolutely, people will become entertaining to use the feature of the app. Because provide the countless TV channel for the people.

Now people watch any channel on mobile at any time and any place and no restriction will be able to watch the movies, TV shows, Dramas, Serial shows, gaming, sports, stage dramas, etc. In which the viewer does not need to sit at specific times for watching any tv show. 

So now you can easily see the videos of any person that you like. In the live net, TV provides 500 plus channels to watch for the viewer that works online on the internet. Now you can download the latest version of live net tv apk from our website on smartphones, android devices, tablets, laptops, PC, amazon devices, etc.

This application is more helpful for the viewer that helps to watch the many TV shows and serial dramas. This application is mostly developed for those people that keep more interest in the movies and sports channel and for those people that can’t stand up on the front of the broadcast Television. 

If you want to download the latest of the live net tv apk then you need to go now on our website. We give the download link of the application which you install on your computer for future use.

The important thing is that the application is not available on the play store. So that is application is only install from the website. Now we are going to discuss the procedure of installation and downloading of the live net tv apk on smartphone devices.

How to Download and Install the Live net tv app for  Android devices?

In the procedure of download any application from the website on your mobile phones.In which you want to need to go to the setting of the mobile and find the option of Unknown source and then turn on the option of unknown sources.

It means is that you can download any third-party applications from the internet. So you want to click on all permission that asked from the website for download apps on your mobile phones.

After allowing all the permission, to go on the download link on the website and click on the option of download and then downloading is automatically started on your android device. If you had to download the application on your mobile phones then the install option of the download file will appear on the display screen.

Immediately click on the install option and this process takes a few minutes to install the apk file and then your file will be installed on your mobile successfully. So you can see below the download link of the live net tv apk file.

How to Free Download the Live Net tv Apk application for the PC Windows?

We told you the procedure of downloading live net tv on your computer system. But you can’t directly download the file. Firstly you need to download the emulator software. But don’t worry about it. We give our suggestion about it.

That is why you can easily download these files by following this step. Now follow these steps of downloading the apk file. We give proper guidelines for downloading. By following these steps you can easily download the apk file. See below the steps of the downloading procedure.


Firstly, you need to download the latest version of the Google Chrome browser in your PC for downloading the procedure successfully completed.


In the next step, you need to download the blue stacks android emulator from the play store on your computer system. This tool can take a free of cost from the websites. But it takes a huge memory of your hard disk like 2GB RAM. In which required 4 to 10 Mbps of the speed of the internet.


When you download the blue stack on your computer and then take a few minutes to install the bluestack software on your computer. After installation the bluestack software on your computer.


After that, you want to open the blue stack and then download the live net tv application from our website. It takes 13.4 Mbps storage from your hard disk and the latest version will become 4.8 in the apk file.


After completing the download and installation procedure and then open the app on your computer and right-click on the app and open with the blue stack.


Select the bluestack player for starting the application. So that application will be start installed on your PC that you can check on the display screen.


You can make an icon of the application on the blue stack. Without Bluestack you can’t open the application and enjoy to watch new movies trailer in free mode so that bluestack should install on your pc for start the application.

All these steps must be helpful for watching the Tv shows, movies, serial dramas, sports channels and entertain with the tv show and live to a stream of talkshow. Now that application had installed on your computer now. You can watch the favorite Tv channel on your application at any time and at any place with no restriction.

Thousand of fans of the application had installed the software and use from a long time in the computer. Now we are going to discuss the features of the application that provides more benefits. You can check all features on your application of live net tv and enjoy it.

Update Feature of Live net tv in PC Windows(7,8,8.1,10)

This app provides the latest feature of live net tv in which provide more benefits for the people. See below the feature of the application

HD TV Channel

In this application, provide the more than 1000 channel that provides full HD form. It means that it provides a high quality of pixel and resolution quality in video quality.

Categories of Entertainment

This app provides many entertainment facilities for the people. List of categories of enjoyment in the application.Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Religion, Music, Cooking and other Country-wise categories.

  • Tv channel
  • Movies
  • Talkshow
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Medical field
  • Music
  • Religious
  • Serial Dramas
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • New Technology 


Request of the People

The viewers can request an application for any movies and other materials that you asked it.

Unlimited Movies

The application provides many unlimited and countless videos available for the viewer. Which you can download from the application and save it for future use. So you can watch the movies in any free time like a break when you exhausted and tired.

Online Streaming

By using the application, you can see the online streaming of the Tv channel such as sports live match and live debate of the politician. 

Ease to use

This app is very helpful for people because people easily understand the app feature and format of play video and people easily change the setting of the player. This is a user-friendly app. So that it is easy to use the application for a long time.


If you are satisfied with the discussion about the application. So immediately download this app and enjoy it. If you worry about time management to watch movies and TV channels. So you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can watch the videos at any time.If you are sure that the possibilities of the application and that application are already satisfied with millions of viewers.